About Lunav

Lunav’s motif & motto is to bench mark and bring industry standards to Pageant community in all aspects. Being a trend setter in the fashion market, we welcome pageants to absorb it and spread it to the rest of the world. This behavior is growing for past 9 years in the the world of pageants . When the worlds of fashion and pageants collide, we can expect to see women-hood on spotlight and the recognition of the dream come true for individuals who participate or associate.

The main objective of Lunav Pageants is to maintain transparency and ingenuity throughout any event produced or organized. Out moto for a proven record of successful 9 years shows impact on the participants, media, associates and sponsors. 


A Team

Pageant Coach

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From the Founder Madam Shylu

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” Eleanor Roosevelt

How do we find new ways and new strength ? There should be a process of learning curve we all need to go through to get new thought process and success. Lunav’s cause is to bring this thought process of improvement and bring out the self in you. For this very cause, our team, executives, participants, managers and associates take the pride. And pass the new ways of achieving success and fulfillment.  Upcoming year 2019, we have lined up events of opportunities and achievements for the participants an associates. Every opportunity from an event is unique in Lunav. Get in early and make use of the best !